NFL Football

Houston Texans (4-12)


Date Player Pos Transactions
1/2 Erik Austell C signed
1/2 Zach Conque TE signed
1/2 Kennan Gilchrist LB signed
1/2 Marcus Hardison DT signed
1/2 Bryce Jones CB signed
1/2 Troymaine Pope RB signed
1/2 Jevoni Robinson TE signed
1/2 Jake Rodgers T signed
1/2 Josh Thornton CB signed
1/2 Dee Virgin CB signed
12/27 Josh Johnson QB signed
12/27 Erik Austell C pract. squad add
12/27 Dorian Johnson G pract. squad del
12/27 Corey Moore S on IR sprained MCL
12/26 Jevoni Robinson TE pract. squad add
12/23 Ryan Malleck TE active/prac. squad
12/23 Tom Savage QB on IR concussion
12/21 Marcus Hardison DT pract. squad add
12/21 Jake Rodgers T pract. squad add
12/19 Ibraheim Campbell S active/prac. squad
12/19 Chunky Clements DT active/prac. squad
12/19 David Quessenberry G active/prac. squad
12/19 Zach Conque TE pract. squad add
12/19 Nick Martin C on IR ankle
12/19 MyCole Pruitt TE on IR calf
12/19 D.J. Reader on IR undisclosed
12/16 Chunky Clements DT pract. squad add
12/15 Taylor Heinicke QB active/prac. squad
12/14 Chunky Clements DT cut
12/13 Ibraheim Campbell S pract. squad add
12/12 Devin Lucien WR pract. squad del
12/5 Devin Lucien WR pract. squad add
12/5 Josh Thornton CB pract. squad add
12/5 MyCole Pruitt TE active/prac. squad
12/5 DeAndrew White WR active/prac. squad
12/5 Bruce Ellington WR on IR hamstring
12/5 C.J. Fiedorowicz TE on IR concussion
12/4 Brennan Scarlett LB on IR foot
11/29 LaTroy Lewis LB active/prac. squad
11/29 Gimel President LB active/prac. squad
11/29 Chad Slade G active/prac. squad
11/29 Taylor Heinicke QB pract. squad add
11/29 Ryan Malleck TE pract. squad add
11/29 DeAndrew White WR pract. squad add
11/29 Chris Clark T on IR ankle
11/29 Ben Heeney LB on IR undisclosed
11/28 Brian Cushing LB suspension lifted
11/28 Lamarr Houston LB cut
11/22 Cobi Hamilton WR active/prac. squad
11/22 Troymaine Pope RB pract. squad add
11/22 D'Onta Foreman RB on IR ruptured left Achilles
11/21 Josh Johnson QB cut
11/21 Andre Ellington RB acquired from waiver
11/10 Ryan Griffin TE on IR concussion
11/8 Chunky Clements DT active/prac. squad
11/8 Dorian Johnson G pract. squad add
11/7 Kendall Langford DE cut
11/7 Matt McGloin QB cut
11/7 Josh Johnson QB signed
11/3 Matt McGloin QB signed
11/3 T.J. Yates QB signed
11/3 Dorian Johnson G cut
11/3 Deshaun Watson QB on IR torn ACL
11/1 Angelo Blackson DE active/prac. squad
10/31 Kendall Lamm T signed
10/31 Christian Covington DE on IR torn biceps
10/28 Kendall Lamm T cut
10/25 Jelani Jenkins LB signed
10/25 Chunky Clements DT pract. squad add
10/24 Marcus Burley CB cut
10/23 Duane Brown T reinstated
10/14 Marcus Cromartie S cut
10/14 Kurtis Drummond S active/prac. squad
10/11 Lamarr Houston LB signed
10/11 Kendall Langford DE signed
10/11 Dorian Johnson G active/prac. squad
10/11 Whitney Mercilus LB on IR torn pectoral
10/11 J.J. Watt DE on IR fractured left tibia
10/10 Marcus Williams CB acquired from waiver
10/10 Johnthan Banks CB cut
10/10 Jah Reid T cut
10/6 Kurtis Drummond S pract. squad add
10/6 Dare Ogunbowale RB pract. squad del
10/4 Marcus Cromartie S signed
10/4 Kurtis Drummond S cut
10/4 Ben Heeney LB acquired from waiver
10/4 Tyler Ervin RB on IR knee
9/27 Chris Thompson WR active/prac. squad
9/27 Kennan Gilchrist LB pract. squad add
9/26 Andy Jones WR cut
9/20 Johnthan Banks CB signed
9/19 Evan Baylis TE cut
9/18 Jaelen Strong WR cut
9/18 Riley McCarron WR pract. squad del
9/18 Andy Jones WR signed
9/18 Jah Reid T signed
9/18 Cobi Hamilton WR pract. squad add
9/16 MyCole Pruitt TE pract. squad add
9/13 Evan Baylis TE active/prac. squad
9/13 Andy Jones WR cut
9/13 Brian Cushing LB suspended 10 games (NFL Policy on PEDs)
9/11 Jaelen Strong WR suspension lifted
9/8 Dee Virgin CB pract. squad add
9/8 Daniel Ross DE pract. squad del
9/8 Lonnie Ballentine S cut
9/8 Denzel Rice CB cut
9/8 Lonnie Ballentine S off IR knee
9/8 Denzel Rice CB off IR ankle
9/7 RaShaun Allen TE cut
9/7 Malik Smith S cut
9/7 RaShaun Allen TE off IR undisclosed
9/7 Malik Smith S off IR undisclosed
9/6 Dee Virgin CB cut
9/6 Marcus Burley CB signed
9/5 Wendall Williams WR cut
9/5 Wendall Williams WR off IR undisclosed
9/4 LaTroy Lewis LB pract. squad add
9/3 Andy Jones WR acquired from waiver
9/3 Akeem Hunt RB cut
9/3 Cory Carter P cut
9/3 Evan Baylis TE pract. squad add
9/3 Bryce Jones CB pract. squad add
9/3 Riley McCarron WR pract. squad add
9/3 Dare Ogunbowale RB pract. squad add
9/3 Gimel President LB pract. squad add
9/3 David Quessenberry G pract. squad add
9/3 Daniel Ross DE pract. squad add
9/3 Chad Slade G pract. squad add
9/3 Chris Thompson WR pract. squad add
9/3 RaShaun Allen TE on IR undisclosed
9/3 Lonnie Ballentine S on IR knee
9/3 Cory Carter P on IR undisclosed
9/3 Cory Carter P off IR undisclosed
9/3 Matthew Godin DE on IR torn ACL
9/3 Denzel Rice CB on IR ankle
9/3 Malik Smith S on IR undisclosed
9/3 Wendall Williams WR on IR undisclosed
9/2 Robert Nelson Jr. CB cut
9/2 Dres Anderson WR cut
9/2 Eli Ankou DT cut
9/2 Erik Austell C cut
9/2 Evan Baylis TE cut
9/2 K.J. Dillon S cut
9/2 Laurence Gibson T cut
9/2 Justin Hardee CB cut
9/2 Rickey Hatley DT cut
9/2 Germone Hopper WR cut
9/2 Bryce Jones CB cut
9/2 Marcus Leak WR cut
9/2 Eric Lee DE cut
9/2 Riley McCarron WR cut
9/2 Dare Ogunbowale RB cut
9/2 Gimel President LB cut
9/2 David Quessenberry G cut
9/2 Shakeel Rashad LB cut
9/2 Marcus Roberson CB cut
9/2 Daniel Ross DE cut
9/2 Chad Slade G cut
9/2 Chris Thompson WR cut
9/2 Josh Walker G cut
9/2 Tony Washington LB cut
9/2 Avery Williams LB cut
9/2 Mike Catapano LB cut
9/2 Sio Moore LB cut
9/2 Nick Novak K cut
9/2 Brandon Weeden QB cut
9/1 Dayon Pratt LB cut
9/1 DeAndre Hopkins WR re-signed Five-year extension (through 2022)
9/1 Andre Hal S re-signed Three-year extension (through 2020)
9/1 C.J. Fiedorowicz TE re-signed Three-year extension (through 2020)
9/1 Jay Prosch RB re-signed Three-year extension (through 2020)
9/1 Dayon Pratt LB off IR undisclosed
8/30 Devin Street WR cut
8/30 Devin Street WR off IR undisclosed
8/26 Dayon Pratt LB on IR undisclosed
8/25 Jordan Todman RB signed
8/24 Devin Street WR on IR undisclosed
8/23 Mike Catapano LB signed/unrest FA
8/22 Jaelen Strong WR suspended 1 game (NFL Substance Abuse Policy)
8/21 DeAndrew White WR cut
8/21 DeAndrew White WR off IR groin
8/15 DeAndrew White WR on IR groin
8/14 Germone Hopper WR signed
8/11 Bruce Ellington WR signed
8/8 Terry Poole T cut
8/7 Zach Conque TE cut
8/7 Terry Poole T acquired from waiver
8/7 Marcus Leak WR signed
8/3 T.J. Daniel DE cut
8/2 Deante' Gray WR on IR torn ACL
8/1 Marcus Gilchrist S signed One-year contract (through 2017)
8/1 DeAndrew White WR signed
7/28 Shaq Hill WR cut
7/27 Devin Street WR acquired from waiver
7/25 Duane Brown T reserve/DNR
6/19 D'Onta Foreman RB signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2020)
6/9 Erik Austell C signed One-year contract (through 2017)
6/9 Jake Simonich G cut
6/5 Dres Anderson WR signed One-year contract (through 2017)
6/5 Sio Moore LB signed/unrest FA One-year contract (through 2017)
6/5 Max Bullough LB cut
6/5 Keith Mumphery WR cut
5/16 Breno Giacomini T signed
5/16 Dimitric Camiel T cut
5/16 Kenny Hilliard RB cut
5/16 Tevin Jones WR cut
5/16 T.J. Mutcherson S cut
5/16 Bryce Jones CB signed
5/16 Dare Ogunbowale RB signed
5/16 Chris Thompson WR signed
5/12 Deshaun Watson QB signed/draft choice Four-year contract (fifth-year option)
5/12 Zach Cunningham LB signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2020)
5/12 Julie'n Davenport T signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2020)
5/12 Treston Decoud CB signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2020)
5/12 Marcus Roberson CB acquired from waiver
5/12 Derek Newton T Placed on PUPL torn patellar tendons
5/12 Eli Ankou DT signed
5/12 Avery Williams LB signed
5/12 Dee Virgin CB signed
5/12 Evan Baylis TE signed
5/12 Malik Smith S signed
5/12 Dimitric Camiel T signed
5/12 Jake Simonich G signed
5/12 Dylan Cole LB signed
5/12 Zach Conque TE signed
5/12 T.J. Daniel DE signed
5/12 Daniel Ross DE signed
5/12 Gimel President LB signed
5/12 Matthew Godin DE signed
5/12 Dayon Pratt LB signed
5/12 Deante' Gray WR signed
5/12 T.J. Mutcherson S signed
5/12 Shaq Hill WR signed
5/12 Riley McCarron WR signed
5/12 Rickey Hatley DT signed
5/12 Justin Hardee CB signed
5/12 Carlos Watkins DE signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2020)
5/11 Kyle Fuller C signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2020)
5/4 Max Bullough LB suspended 4 games (NFL policy on PEDs)
4/19 Andre Johnson WR signed One-day contract
4/19 Andre Johnson WR retired
4/14 Jadeveon Clowney DE team exercises option Fifth-year option on rookie contract
4/13 Tony Bergstrom G cut
4/13 Gerald Rivers LB cut
3/12 Ryan Griffin TE re-signed/unrest FA Three-year contract (through 2019)
3/9 Nick Novak K re-signed/unrest FA One-year contract (through 2017)
3/9 Shane Lechler P re-signed/unrest FA One-year contract (through 2017)
3/9 Oday Aboushi G Declared Free Agent
3/9 A.J. Bouye CB Declared Free Agent
3/9 Quintin Demps S Declared Free Agent
3/9 Akeem Dent LB Declared Free Agent
3/9 Ryan Griffin TE Declared Free Agent
3/9 Jonathan Grimes RB Declared Free Agent
3/9 Don Jones S Declared Free Agent
3/9 Shane Lechler P Declared Free Agent
3/9 Nick Novak K Declared Free Agent
3/9 John Simon LB Declared Free Agent
3/9 Antonio Smith DE Declared Free Agent
3/9 Devon Still DE Declared Free Agent
3/9 Vince Wilfork Declared Free Agent
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