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Date Player Transactions
9/1/2014 Sam Brenner, C practice squad addition
9/1/2014 Matt Hazel, WR practice squad addition
9/1/2014 Tony Hills, T practice squad addition
9/1/2014 David Hinds, LB practice squad addition
9/1/2014 Seth Lobato, QB practice squad addition
9/1/2014 Jacob Maxwell, TE practice squad addition
9/1/2014 D'Aundre Reed, DE practice squad addition
9/1/2014 Lowell Rose, CB practice squad addition
9/1/2014 Garrison Smith, DT practice squad addition
9/1/2014 Tommy Streeter, WR practice squad addition
8/31/2014 Brandian Ross, S acquired from waivers
8/31/2014 Sammy Seamster, CB acquired from waivers
8/31/2014 Don Jones, S cut
8/31/2014 Damian Williams, WR cut
8/30/2014 Isaako Aaitui, DT cut
8/30/2014 David Arkin, G cut
8/30/2014 Sam Brenner, C cut
8/30/2014 Kevin Cone, WR cut
8/30/2014 Evan Finkenberg, T cut
8/30/2014 Kevin Fogg, CB cut
8/30/2014 Matt Hazel, WR cut
8/30/2014 Jordan Kovacs, S cut
8/30/2014 Seth Lobato, QB cut
8/30/2014 Kyle Miller, TE cut
8/30/2014 Tevin Mims, DE cut
8/30/2014 D'Aundre Reed, DE cut
8/30/2014 Jake Rogers, K cut
8/30/2014 Garrison Smith, DT cut
8/30/2014 Daniel Thomas, RB cut
8/30/2014 Marcus Thigpen, RB cut
8/30/2014 Andrew Wilson, LB cut
8/30/2014 Evan Wilson, TE cut
8/30/2014 Tony Hills, T cut
8/30/2014 Kamal Johnson, DT Placed on IR undisclosed
8/29/2014 John Potter, K cut
8/29/2014 John Potter, K Taken off IR hip
8/28/2014 Jalil Brown, CB cut
8/28/2014 Jalil Brown, CB Taken off IR undisclosed
8/27/2014 John Potter, K Placed on IR hip
8/26/2014 Armon Binns, WR cut
8/26/2014 Brett Brackett, TE cut
8/26/2014 Steven Clarke, CB cut
8/26/2014 Rakim Cox, DE cut
8/26/2014 Cory Grissom, DT cut
8/26/2014 Tyler Larsen, C cut
8/26/2014 Ryan Spadola, WR cut
8/26/2014 Brady Quinn, QB cut
8/26/2014 A.J. Francis, DT Placed on IR knee
8/26/2014 Mike Gillislee, RB Placed on IR undisclosed
8/26/2014 Arthur Lynch, TE Placed on IR back
8/25/2014 Cory Grissom, DT signed
8/25/2014 Jake Rogers, K signed
8/25/2014 Steven Baker, T cut
8/25/2014 Demetrius Wright, S cut
8/23/2014 Jalil Brown, CB Placed on IR undisclosed
8/22/2014 Michael Egnew, TE cut
8/22/2014 Micajah Reynolds, G cut
8/19/2014 Pat Devlin, QB cut
8/19/2014 Pat Devlin, QB Taken off IR hamstring
8/18/2014 Rakim Cox, DE signed
8/18/2014 Cameron Marshall, RB cut
8/15/2014 Danny Hrapmann, K cut
8/15/2014 John Potter, K signed
8/13/2014 Evan Wilson, TE signed
8/13/2014 Pat Devlin, QB Placed on IR hamstring
8/12/2014 Brady Quinn, QB signed/unrestricted free agent
8/12/2014 Raymond Webber, WR cut
8/11/2014 Brock Jensen, QB cut
8/11/2014 Cameron Marshall, RB signed
8/8/2014 Reshad Jones, S suspended 4 games (NFL Substance Abuse Policy)
8/6/2014 Ryan Rau, LB cut
8/6/2014 Danny Hrapmann, K signed
8/4/2014 Brett Brackett, TE signed
8/4/2014 Stephen Williams, WR cut
8/3/2014 Brock Jensen, QB signed
8/3/2014 Rantavious Wooten, WR cut
8/2/2014 Samson Satele, C signed
8/2/2014 Sam Longo, G cut
8/2/2014 Tariq Edwards, LB Placed on IR undisclosed
8/1/2014 Ryan Rau, LB signed
7/31/2014 Brett Brackett, TE cut
7/31/2014 Raymond Webber, WR signed
7/30/2014 Davonte Wallace, G Placed on IR undisclosed
7/29/2014 Brett Brackett, TE signed
7/29/2014 Seth Lobato, QB signed
7/29/2014 D'Aundre Reed, DE signed
7/29/2014 Brock Jensen, QB cut
7/29/2014 Derrell Johnson, LB cut
7/28/2014 Steven Baker, T signed
7/28/2014 Tony Hills, T signed
7/28/2014 Gerald Ford, WR cut
7/28/2014 Michael Philipp, T cut
7/23/2014 Billy Turner, T signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
7/3/2014 Dion Jordan, DE suspended 4 games (NFL policy on PEDs)
6/30/2014 Daryn Colledge, G signed
6/30/2014 Marcus Thompson, LB cut
6/19/2014 Kevin Fogg, CB signed
6/19/2014 Anthony Gaitor, CB cut
6/19/2014 Ja'Wuan James, T signed/draft choice Four-year contract (fifth-year option)
6/12/2014 Jarvis Landry, WR signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
6/11/2014 Emmanuel Ogbuehi, TE cut
6/11/2014 Gerald Ford, WR signed
5/28/2014 Michael Philipp, T signed
5/28/2014 Anthony Gaitor, CB signed
5/28/2014 Cameron Marshall, RB cut
5/27/2014 Sam Longo, G signed
5/27/2014 Micajah Reynolds, G signed
5/27/2014 Walt Aikens, CB signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
5/25/2014 Deion Belue, CB cut
5/25/2014 David Hurd, T cut
5/25/2014 Michael Ola, T cut
5/23/2014 Matt Hazel, WR signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
5/23/2014 Jordan Tripp, LB signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
5/23/2014 Terrence Fede, DE signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
5/22/2014 Arthur Lynch, TE signed/draft choice Four-year contract (through 2017)
5/19/2014 Brock Jensen, QB signed
5/19/2014 Chris McCain, LB signed
5/16/2014 Gannon Conway, DE cut
5/15/2014 Ryan Lankford, WR cut
5/15/2014 Stephen Williams, WR signed
5/15/2014 Demetrius Wright, S signed
5/13/2014 Matt Szymanski, K cut
5/13/2014 Gannon Conway, DE signed
5/13/2014 Orleans Darkwa, RB signed
5/12/2014 Michael Rios, WR cut
5/12/2014 Jordan Rodgers, QB cut
5/12/2014 Deion Belue, CB signed
5/12/2014 Steven Clarke, CB signed
5/12/2014 Tariq Edwards, LB signed
5/12/2014 Evan Finkenberg, T signed
5/12/2014 Harold Hoskins, TE signed
5/12/2014 David Hurd, T signed
5/12/2014 Anthony Johnson, DT signed
5/12/2014 Derrell Johnson, LB signed
5/12/2014 Kamal Johnson, DT signed
5/12/2014 Ryan Lankford, WR signed
5/12/2014 Tyler Larsen, C signed
5/12/2014 Tevin Mims, DE signed
5/12/2014 Garrison Smith, DT signed
5/12/2014 Marcus Thompson, LB signed
5/12/2014 Davonte Wallace, G signed
5/12/2014 Damien Williams, RB signed
5/12/2014 Andrew Wilson, LB signed
5/12/2014 Rantavious Wooten, WR signed
5/2/2014 Jason Weaver, T cut
4/29/2014 Mike Pouncey, C team exercises option Fifth-year option on rookie contract
4/22/2014 Matt Szymanski, K signed One-year contract (through 2014)
4/11/2014 Damian Williams, WR signed
4/10/2014 Jonathan Freeny, LB re-signed/restricted free agent
4/3/2014 Kevin Cone, WR signed/unrestricted free agent
4/3/2014 Jordan Rodgers, QB signed
4/3/2014 Michael Rios, WR signed
4/2/2014 Jason Fox, T signed/unrestricted free agent One-year contract (through 2014)
4/2/2014 Armon Binns, WR re-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/28/2014 Knowshon Moreno, RB signed/unrestricted free agent One-year contract (through 2014)
3/14/2014 Cortland Finnegan, CB signed Two-year contract (through 2015)
3/14/2014 Shelley Smith, G signed/unrestricted free agent Two-year contract (through 2015)
3/12/2014 Branden Albert, T signed/unrestricted free agent Five-year contract (through 2018)
3/12/2014 Earl Mitchell, DT signed/unrestricted free agent Four-year contract (through 2017)
3/12/2014 Randy Starks, DT re-signed/unrestricted free agent Two-year contract (through 2015)
3/11/2014 Nolan Carroll II, CB declared free agent
3/11/2014 Tyson Clabo, T declared free agent
3/11/2014 Chris Clemons, S declared free agent
3/11/2014 Richie Incognito, G declared free agent
3/11/2014 John Jerry, G declared free agent
3/11/2014 Dustin Keller, TE declared free agent
3/11/2014 Bryant McKinnie, T declared free agent
3/11/2014 Marlon Moore, WR declared free agent
3/11/2014 Chris Owens, CB declared free agent
3/11/2014 Paul Soliai, DT declared free agent
3/11/2014 Austin Spitler, LB declared free agent
3/11/2014 Randy Starks, DT declared free agent
3/11/2014 R.J. Stanford, CB declared free agent
3/11/2014 Danny Watkins, G declared free agent
3/11/2014 Will Yeatman, T declared free agent
3/10/2014 Dimitri Patterson, CB cut
3/10/2014 Louis Delmas, S signed One-year contract (through 2014)
3/4/2014 Pat Devlin, QB re-signed/exclusive rights free agent
3/3/2014 Brent Grimes, CB re-signed Four-year contract (through 2017)
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